The Jenkins Who?

My Perception about Jenkins a while earlier..

CI/CD & SDLC cycle (Image Credits: Austin Dewey)

Learning Jenkins through CLOUD BEES’ DevOps World.

  1. Jenkins & its role in SDLC, Code Management System
  2. Importance of Continuous Workflow
  3. Testing & Contributing
CI/CD cycles. (Image credits: Edureka)

What does Jenkins do?

Jenkins & its involvement in SDLC phases via various tools. (Image Credits: CloudBees DevOps World)

Set-up Steps for Jenkins:

  • You specify how to build and test your software and when/where/how to deploy it by using a tool such as Apache Maven, Gradle, npm, Apache Ant, or make to define the specific actions required at each step
  • You define a Jenkins Pipeline to run each activity in the same order every time which is glue for the activities defined, while doing this note that you do NOT code build actions directly in the Pipeline!
  • Provide feedback or Join a chat channel and answer questions
  • Review and/or test or create new code and documentation changes
  • Contribute to Jenkins Core and plugin localization




As a Tech Enthusiast, I love to exfoliate tech marvels each day passing by!

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As a Tech Enthusiast, I love to exfoliate tech marvels each day passing by!

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