Regular Expressions- Regex with Examples. (In Short)

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Regular Expressions, or Regex, is all about pattern matching where everything is considered to be characters. Using regex is similar to picking selected drops from the ocean of water. Eg: In case where we need to find all strings that match a certain pattern, we could use regex. A simple application that we all might have used is Find (CTRL + F) command.

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Here pattern refers to what we are searching and strings found represent matching results.

Matching Generic Pattern (Anywhere in the string)

Both “example123abc” , ” var=’123a’ “match pattern “123a

Match Specific Pattern (At certain positions)

Single wildcard character

To find all three(or n) letter word ending with full-stop:

Pattern: “…\.” (Here, the starting three dots/ period indicate single wild card character and “\.” is to identify an actual “.” )

The following strings match the specified pattern: “bat.“,”nod.“,”12a.”,”x?=.

Certain Characters only

Pattern: [abc]an

Matching Strings: aan, ban,can

Non-matching Strings: dan, fan, pan, etc. All words with pattern “.an” except for 3 matching words.

Excluding specific characters

Pattern: [^dpt]an

Matching Strings: All words of pattern “.an” except for 3 non-matching words

Non-matching Strings: dan, pan, tan

Character ranges

Example: Starting With

Pattern: [A-Z0–9]..

Matching Strings: All 3 letter words of pattern starting with either any letter between A-Z or digits 0–9.

Non-matching Strings: dxe, f1A, hgkeiyuyoi

Example : Starting With, having second char as…

More specific example could be : To match words of any length starting with small alphabet , second character being a digit and following characters could be any.

Pattern: [a-z][0–9]

Matching Strings: a12, b3h,z5nhgkhg

Non-matching Strings: dx1, A2fhkh, 7asf


Exactly n times

Pattern: z{3} Any word having ‘z’ 3 times

Matching Strings: a12, b3h,z5nhgkhg

Non-matching Strings: dx1, A2fhkh, 7asf

Between n-m times a single specific character

Pattern: z{3–6}

Matching Strings: a1112, bbbb3h,z5nhggggggkhg

Non-matching Strings: abc112, aaaaaaaabx3

Between n-m times any single character

Pattern: .{2–3}

Matching Strings: aa12, b333h, zbb123, aaac

Non-matching Strings: aaaa, a123, aaaac

One or more times each with multiple char wildcard

Pattern: aa+b*c+

Matching Strings: aabcc,aaabxc

Non-matching Strings: abc, aaacb,aaabc

[abc]+ (one or more of any a, b, or c character), .* (zero or more of any character).

Metacharacter (?-Single char 0 or 1 times)

Pattern: ab?c

Matching Strings: “abc” , “ac”

Non-matching Strings: abbc, aaacb,bc

Any Digit

Pattern: \d

Matching Strings: 1,34,6711

Non-matching Strings: a23,a,3a

Any Space/ tab

Pattern: a \s+ b

Matching Strings: “a b” , “a b” Between a and b there should be 1 or more spaces

Non-matching Strings: ab

Starts with (^) & Endswith($)

Pattern: ^Hi

Matching Strings: Hi, Hi there!

Non-matching Strings: Hellohi, Ana Hi

Pattern: Bye$

Matching Strings: Ana Bye, Bye, Good Bye

Non-matching Strings: Bye Ana

Group matching

To only allow certain type of files (here pdf) with certain prefix (here : file)

Pattern: ^(file.+).pdf$

Matching Strings: file1.pdf , filefile3.pdf

Non-matching Strings: 1.pdf, file.pdf.ppt

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As a Tech Enthusiast, I love to exfoliate tech marvels each day passing by!

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As a Tech Enthusiast, I love to exfoliate tech marvels each day passing by!

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