Myths Busted by 2020

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2020 has been a helluva ride for me; experiencing so many ups & downs & learning so much — technically, academically, spiritually about wide ranging topics that I ignored giving attention to earlier.

Taking the death tolls aside, it tumultuousness quite reduces, because it was a must needed break for us all. Few of the myths/ traditional beliefs it broke for me are:

M1. Networking can only be done in person

Starting with this point as it’s been so opposite to reality. Online networking is as Great! Boundary-less, Infinite Potential..

Truth Bomb: For ambiverts like me, online networking is so convenient, actually for all of us as it gives us chance to do our li’ll research beforehand, about that person we’re meeting & it experimentally resulted in good, fruitful engagements/ conversations for both the parties as we know a bit about their story/ perspectives/ interests.

My Story: I have met & closely connected, with more than 100 people this lockdown, even more people than I could in a normal year. ( & mind me not just connected in terms of social media connect/ friend/ follow button, but connected in real sense, conversing, learning about their journey, talking about what they enjoy in daily lives, what do they adore, their goals; which eventually gave me the chance to explore the unimaginable perspectives )

(Credits due to some Amazing Apps like LinkedIn, Quora, Telegram, Slack, Discord & Communities on it & of course the open-minded people willing to connect)

M2. Mental health isn’t a big deal

Talk to yourself once in a day else you may miss meeting an excellent person in the world: Swami Vivekananda

Truth Bomb: It’s really important to be mentally sound & have regular self talks / reflection, even though you seem happy, or satisfied superficially, you need to realize your actual feelings, reflect on them, your actions & everything that’s good for your aura. Don’t refrain even to reaching out to dear ones or anyone for that sake for receiving help/ seeking clarity to your restless thoughts. Btw, I know most of us must have felt it done & overdone (on social media) due to unfortunate events like Supposed Suicide of Sushant (Indian Actor), TMKOC Writer, etc…

My Learnings: I started maintaining journal more consistently than before & even started appreciating more & less shying out from complementing people by dropping single beautiful comments by expressing how I felt, as we never know that small token of jolly act can mean so much to people who’re battling through much internally.

M3. Listening news increases IQ, GK

My observations & take on it: I observed the recurring pattern of all the news channels & papers or magazines being full of same celeb news, I mean how could a non-factual statement or one sided opinion has so much weightage to be on headlines/ have so much screen time / photage/ coverage rather than the genius inventions or extreme social conditions/ events. But then I also found some websites particularly dedicated to one topic & giving specifics & much information, that is when I realized it’s now more useful to find it in focused spaces rather than 1 channel for all.

M4. Certificates are valuable

The significance of certificates of online courses or any other is far reduced than earlier as more & more people exploited its ease of completion & shifted focus on that last achievement/ certificate remark than the learnings throughout. So, don’t waste your money if you’re just doing it for certificate/ showing off; coz it no longer matters.

Learning/ Understanding| Notes |Blogs| Content created |projects built >>>>Certificates (Piece of paper)

M5. College Tiers/ Degrees matter much

We all have had this perception that where we come from, the background in terms of college/ university attended shapes the future & opportunities, but it doesn’t hold true, as we saw excellent heroes who achieved so much (as per society’s definition) being from Tier 3 colleges or non-traditional background (w/o degree or so) by sheer efforts they put in their preparation & overall journey. Their passion, determination & consistent effort outshine-d & spoke for their talent due to which they achieved immense success in their respective fields & domains, becoming inspiration for many.

Honest Efforts + Practical Skills >>> College Degree

M6. Google can never stop for a sec

Truth Bomb: We realized the extent of its penetration into our lives just when its services hauled for few minutes. It’s giant facilities are so wide-spread that it almost affected billions of people worldwide.

Seeing that & generalizing, we can easily know how much dependent we’re on digital/IT services, be it for business/ entertainment/ communicating/ socializing… the world has changed into a Digitally Connected one truly & Technology are part and parcel of every aspect of our lives now.

Personal TakeAway: It’s great to be a part of such impactful, booming industry which has so much scope. (PS: IT Careers gonna rock, I’ll be able to impact/ touch so many people’s lives by my smallest of doings)

M7. WFH isn’t possible

I guess I don’t need to elaborate its feasibility as we all have witnessed & experienced it ourselves.

M8. Don’t talk to/ trust strangers

All the people we currently know were once a stranger. So why not trust & give yourself a chance to discover more opportunities?

M9. Nothing is free

This preconceived notion is still true but I have been fortunate enough to still have met some self-less individuals, & many free resources in abundance over different channels. Learning is no longer only for those willing to pay, there are innumerable free resources to learn almost everything online. Just proper sorting & selection required. (DM on LinkedIn/ comment here if u want me to share any particular links for free resources..)

M10. There’s no diversity in hiring

Sincere efforts by various organizations for making teams diverse were clearly seen :) A good thing to learn stories of people opening up, some delightful & some with struggles/ hardships eventually benefitting due to kind individuals considering them, helping them to whatever extent possible.

M11. Successful people have never been rejected

It’s again about shared stories, (I really admire my LinkedIn feed for this), where people opened up about their failures, which often remained BTS (Behind the scenes), as most earlier, preferred to share their successful attempts only & not their efforts that went behind achieving those.

Don’t forget to notice the sincere roots of the plant on which you see that beautiful flower.

M12. Small businesses won’t benefit being online

There are 2 aspects to this: Business being online , 1. In the sense that it was ready to adapt to digital world, where in customers can have a nice digital experience shopping with it or engaging in any way. & the 2nd: Marketing wise being online…For this,
I think just the name would give you a hint : “Baba da dhaba” . Now, we know how much power a social platform can have …

One who has power to change/ adapt can be the change/ can bring the difference.

M13. Your li’ll social content doesn’t matter in big pool

To say about this imagine what a 5 letter word can do..It can change all the memes pages, set a trend & be on mouth of every person …Dhantanan , presenting to you some binod(vinod/fun/joke) on BINOD :


M14. Thaali bajaana(banging plates) is stupid & childish..

Haha, you know what I mean if you followed Modiji’s speech & had fun coming out in windows with family & banging plates to create that perfect harmony music & tone.😂

M15. Empty for you to fill by your amazing learnings :)

Bye Until. Meet u in my next Thought Outlet.




As a Tech Enthusiast, I love to exfoliate tech marvels each day passing by!

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As a Tech Enthusiast, I love to exfoliate tech marvels each day passing by!

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