First Blogger Blog: FAQs about ME!

Thought Outlet: Sometimes I share my learnings in this form.
  • More details: Specializing in EXTC i.e.Electronics & Telecommunications (2016–2020).
  • Also, one fun thing did you spot it? Batch of 2020 We are the luckiest & unluckiest batch of students.
  • Lucky: Since we are the only one who got time to explore self-interests & upskill before eventually diving into corporate life/ may be Masters; University Exams got cancelled😊.
  • Unlucky: Since we didn’t get to live those perhaps all those : “One-Last-Times”, also offers getting rescinded or applications getting deferred is one more thing to worry for some.

What do I like?

  • Learning New Things.
  • Enjoying nature, fav dishes & self time — Not gonna tell😁
  • Sharing my knowledge — Mentoring/ Teaching just to learn more- Kind of social interactions I ever want in my life.
  • Quality Time😜 With Apps like:
  • Instagram(Memes, Sending it to Friends & More Memes),
  • Quora(Respect++), Hotstar(Long Back when no other Shenanigans transformed streaming industry in India),
  • Netflix, LinkedIn (Recent Chaska),
  • Telegram (Nowadays, Exploring new people, joining Grps focussed on learning & sharing free courses which I rarely complete😂)

What do I do in my free time?

  • Using Time- Read , Read & Read — The canvas is spread very widely.
  • Not Books but anything,
  • Spanning from Show Reviews to Medical Research,
  • From Fiction to Politics & Power,
  • From Stories of past glories to predictions of futuristic world,
  • From Motivational to Spiritual,
  • Watching shows/series,
  • Youtube(TMKOC, TED, Sadhguru, Tech, Random ),
  • Having Philosophical Conversations (with jo mila sunane k liye😉).

My Favorite Shows:

My future plans:

My Life Mantras:




As a Tech Enthusiast, I love to exfoliate tech marvels each day passing by!

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As a Tech Enthusiast, I love to exfoliate tech marvels each day passing by!

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